last hurrah?

What a rejuvenating weekend. After sleeping in until 9:15 on Saturday and 10:15 on Sunday, I finally feel mostly caught up on sleep. Late night Monday night, but I get to sleep in a little Tuesday and Wednesday. Finally!

We only had one scheduled event this weekend and that was a yoga workshop for me. All on inversions. Exhausting, humbling, but also empowering and exhilarating! 2.5 hours of praying I didn't land on a mat neighbor (I didn't!), but I did manage to do things I'd never done before.

Otherwise, we played games, read books, watched movies, and hung out. Sunday the weather was so gorgeous that we went to the park in long sleeved t-shirts and light hoodies, before running a few other errands. It was unseasonably warm, and felt even more amazing thanks to the unseasonable cold that had come right before. Probably Autumn's last hurrah, but I'll take it!

While work will be busy for a while until we hire someone new, it promises to be a bit more settled after Monday. Hallelujah. In the meantime, I'm so glad to feel a bit more rested, grounded, and relaxed.

Hope your weekends were as relaxing as mine!!

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