remember me?

Oh Hi... remember me? I've been a little absent. And frantic. And running around in a "chicken with its head cut off" fashion. I'm so very glad it is Friday, and that we have a low-key weekend ahead. Biggest work event Monday, so I am looking forward to that. I was talking with some coworkers today, including my big boss, and while I/we expressed our worries for Monday, I also noted that while we are certainly facing obstacles we don't normally have (with the loss of my coworker) and I do have worries, at the same time I also have confidence. "At [work place] we get $h!t done!" And we do. Somehow we manage to pull it out. I'm sure Monday will be no different.

I'm ready for it to be here and gone though. Considering I can count on one hand the number of times I left work on time these past 2 weeks, and have more then once had to call Trav to say, "Hey, yeah, I missed the late train too... so now I'll be on the late, late train." This morning Gwen asked if we had to go to work/school today, and I told her we did. Her reply was to point one adorable finger in my face and proclaim, "Do NOT miss your train Mommy!" Oh babes, I know.

In any case, that gets checked off the list Monday; and I already have a Mental Health Day scheduled for Wednesday. I plan to do... nothing. So very much nothing. Maybe meet a friend for lunch, but then after that, more nothing. And then yoga. Its going to be amazing. I'm ready for it as my level of exhaustion at this point is beyond physical, but also mental and emotional.

Something else kind of fun and exciting*. You might have noticed something new on the sidebar. That little button to the right is letting you know that I've joined the Natural Parent's Network team! You'll find me on their facebook page posting questions and responding to messages, and hopefully some posts of mine will appear their soon as well. I'm very excited. Check them out!

Okay, off to relax and snuggle my puppy.

* fun, exciting, and yes, also a little ironic considering I was just talking about how exhausted I am, and the fact that I've been too busy to even get here and post a blog. BUT this was too fun an opportunity to miss, and once things had slowed, I would have been sorry if I had not taken it. so here we are!

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