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I worked from home yesterday, and it was pretty wonderful. I can't even described how much I missed those days in August... even though the reason I missed them was because I only worked a single Friday.

Yesterday's was especially lovely since the cool Autumn weather has continued, and I spent the first half of it in PJs, and the second half (post-lunch time shower) in yoga clothes and a lovely soft, warm hoodie. I worked while listening to the elementary school kids scream and yell and laugh outside at recess, and thought about the fact that Gwen would be there next Fall*.

I made myself mugs of steaming hot peppermint tea, forced the dog to snuggle with me when she came in from laying in the sun, and forced myself to slow down and breath it all in. I ran an errand in the morning, washed some dishes at lunch, but otherwise didn't get done all the things I had hoped to do. Thank goodness. I needed that, truly.

I'm still overwhelmed by life, and how much is going on, and how much of what is going on that I have very little control over; but I'm feeling better about it too. I'm focusing on an image of next fall: us snapping a picture of Gwen on our new front porch on the first day of school. I know that some how, some way, we will get there.

For now, work continues relentlessly, and the weekends fill at alarming rates. And we will enjoy it all.

* I'm filing this post, The Beginning of Big Kid School (Dooce), away here because it really struck me, and I want to have it on hand for next year. I hope Gwen will have no growing pains when she transitions to Kindergarten, but I want these suggestions available to me if she does.

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