pregnancy and "nothing new"

I haven't written about nothing new in a while, and I'm not going to lie, that's because my nothing new project took a hit as my pregnancy has progressed.

There are parts that I've been really good about: other then some seasons of Scrubs that I bought myself with birthday money, I haven't been buying "stuff." But I realized quickly that the combination of being a month ahead of last pregnancy, plus it being my second and showing a lot quicker, meant that I really needed some summer maternity items that I was able to completely go without last time, as well as some transitional items for these in between summer/fall days. Plus I'm doing yoga now, which I wasn't then, so I've just hit the point where I need to retire my regular yoga clothes so I don't stretch them out and ruin them. So there has been some clothes buying. I tried to get some items that I could keep afterwards for the transitional period back to my "normal body," and possibly beyond. Things with great stretch, and longer/looser cuts, that could work as non-maternity clothes. I bought 2 long sun dresses, 1 skirt, 2 pairs of yoga pants and a yoga top, 3 tank type shirts, and 2 short sleeved shirts. I also bought a nicer dress for our biggest work event of the year, during which I will be, well, big. Hopefully I'm done with that buying now, though we'll see how big I get at the end!

The other place of deficiency is food. I mentioned before that my first trimester was so so much easier this time then last, but I still had some nausea issues and had some food aversions. I consciously decided to lift my ban on eating out. If there was something I wanted, and it was all I wanted, I would get it rather then struggle to eat some of something else. Now that I'm in my second trimester, I'm working to cut down on that and only allowing myself to buy food once or twice a week. While I'm pregnant though, I'm letting myself have some leeway on this one.

Still, things are still better then before I started this project. Even Gwen is learning from my experiences. When we went to Cape Cod we walked around Hyannis more then once. The shops were a gold mine "I want this!," but she was happy to "add things to her list" and at the end of the week picked one item that she wanted as a special vacation treat (a wolverine mask). And for something extra special, we each picked out 10 pieces of candy from the penny candy store. When she discovers new things that she wants, we talk about asking for them for Christmas, and she is fine with waiting. We've also started clearing out space for these new items, but going through her toys and sorting out items that she no longer plays with, which she is happy to donate.

Overall, my consumption habits are still so much improved from before I started all of this, and my plan is to continue it more strictly once this pregnancy is over (and in its modified form in the interim). The rewards of more money in my savings account, and less clutter and junk in my house, is infinitely better then the temporary joy of a new purchase. And the few things I do allow myself to get (like my birthday money Scrubs purchase) are so much more exciting now!

Has anyone else cut down on their consumption habits?  What are your strategies?

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