September is upon us and we are back in the swing of the school year schedule, but frankly my mind is still somewhere else:

It took me all of the days this week so far to remember how we used to make the mornings work with having to get Gwen and Trav out the door so early, but we are finally there. Today went pretty smoothly.

I miss the extra sleep for all of us (well really 2 of us, since Trav still got up with the dog, then logged into work before the rest of us were up), and extra time with Gwen in the morning, and the fact that I wasn't responsible for closing up the house everyday. That said, I am so so happy to have back my quiet morning time back! They leave between 7:00 and 7:15, and I don't leave until 8:00 -- and while now I am the one running around checking that all the windows and doors are closed and locked, and taking the dog out, turning on the A/C for her, etc. -- it is so nice to be able to sit down with my breakfast, flip on the weather channel, and just chill for a few minutes.

I think I'll need that especially in these next few busy months at work. Right now I just can't imagine how I'm going to get everything done, as I'm having trouble focusing to get anything done! But get done it will.

As will a yard sale, more house hunting, the Celtic Classic, the start of Autumn (18 days!), a hair trip to my parents, and of course, continuing to gestate a baby! Because September is busy!

Happy last quarter of the year!

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