busy, but okay

It was brisk out this weekend, but nice. I had my park clean up on Saturday, but otherwise, no plans. Which was great. So Saturday I headed off to Ridley Creek to dig holes, shlep concrete, and walk all over the park putting up new signs.

I felt better after 3 hours of that then I had been at the end of 8 hours in front of a computer! Office jobs... they really are going to be the death of us. Sure, I was tired, and a little sore, but in a good way. I wasn't achy, I wasn't uncomfortable, and thank goodness, I didn't feel like I had a baby in my ribs.

Gwen and I hit up the park on Sunday. We went on the slide, did the swings, and played spaceships! 

I took a step back from work this weekend, and decided that I would focus more on myself. From now on, I'm taking lunch, no matter how busy I am. I'm getting outside to walk around once a day, or, if its too gross, at least getting up and stretching. Work will be busy, work will be stressful, and work will be frustrating; but I can't control that, what I can control is my own reaction to the situation. 

Pretending to sleep on our "spaceship."

So now we start another busy week. And I'm feeling okay about that. 

Also, just because, Its Decorative Gourd Season, M****F***

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