boo-tiful day

Happy Halloween all!

I love this time of year, and this is the first of my 3 favorite holidays. My morning was made when Trav headed off for work in his Batman costume, which he will still be wearing when he walk our Robin around the neighborhood tonight for Trick or Treating (pictures to follow, I promise). Love it.

This week has been lonnnng, so this is a great end to it. I got home from an overnight work trip to DC at 8:45 last night, and slept like the dead. It was a nice change from the night before when 2am found me walking to an all-night CVS for the Zantac I forgot to pack. I will never forget again! Today is day 12 (in a row) of work, so this weekend is going to feel wonderful. Just spending quality time with Gwen and Travis is going to be amazing, as I've been way short of that lately. I only saw her for a few hours last Sunday (not at all Saturday), and missed two nights this week.

And tomorrow is November! I can't believe how fast this month went and how busy this coming month is going to be. A housewarming, multiple kids birthday parties, the Lehigh-Lafayette football game, and of course, Thanksgiving. Plus more looking at houses. And work, lots of work, as our biggest event of the year is this month.

Thankfully though, this month promises more time for family and balance then the past two weeks have allowed. I am grateful for that. I'm always striving for balance.

I hope your weekends are relaxing and fun, and full of yummy sweets. Happy Halloween!

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