We broke down on Saturday and turned on the heat. At least we made it until November. Honestly we probably would have made it further, if it weren't for all the time our door spent open the night before because of Trick-or-Treaters. But it is officially cold now, and this weekend more so, plus rain which chills you even more, so I was happy for even the little bit of heat we applied.

Our weekend was good overall. Gwen came home from daycare on Friday overly tired, overly sugared, overly excited, and with a cold blooming. She and Trav went out trick-or-treating and had a lot of fun, but then she didn't want to go to bed when she came home. She helped hand out candy until about an hour past her bedtime, when we finally put our foot down. She had a great day/night, but it ended with her completely bursting into overwhelmed tears and me having to console her before she could fall asleep. She woke a few times that night.

I needed sleep so desperately that I skipped my monthly trail clean up. Trav took Gwen to the store and a few places, and I slept until 9:30. It was a rainy miserable day and Gwen still wasn't herself, but we colored and tried to just chill and enjoy the day. That evening we headed to a coworker's housewarming party, we all had fun and Gwen did really well. She actually was adorable when we left because said coworker lives in the city, so walking to our car in the dark and seeing the center city skyline all lit up on the horizon was awe-inspiring for her. She was so amazed by the huge glowing buildings. It was pretty great. Unfortunately she got to bed a bit late that night too.

Trav let me sleep in again on Sunday, which was amazing, and after lunch I took Gwen to her school friend's birthday party. I was excited for it since it was at a giant play place, and I needed her to run around to burn off some energy. Unfortunately I think that was completely negated by the cake they gave them at the end. She was good, but just again, so not herself. We did get her to bed early last night, and besides one wake at 4am, she slept well. I could use another weekend day, but it was nice.

I'm so glad for the nice weekend because overall, I'm really overwhelmed right now. Between the craziness that work has been for the past two weeks, and what I know is in store for the next two to three weeks, plus house hunting, and everything else going on, I just feel like I'm just tapped out of patience.

I haven't mentioned this yet, but Trav's Pappy recently passed away, and its been hard to deal with. The range of emotions is one thing, and add to that the logistics... well, its a lot. I'm trying to be supportive while balancing what else has to get done. His services are on the 18th which is the day before our biggest work day of the year. Thank goodness for an understanding boss, but frankly, I'm just dreading that whole week because its going to be physically and emotionally exhausting.

While I never want to rush the time away (it goes too fast on its own), I am counting down until Thanksgiving, when a lot will finally be behind us, and hopefully we can have a moment to breathe.

So that, friends, is where we stand!

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