Thankful on Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

I have so many things to be thankful for today, as I do everyday. Here are the things that I was thankful for this month.

11/1: I'm grateful for a husband who lets me get extra sleep on the weekends!
11/2: I'm grateful for coworkers that I like enough to want to see outside of work.
11/3: I'm grateful for an understanding and accommodating boss. When work and life conspire to make things stressful, its nice to know he has my back.
11/4: I'm grateful for chances to catch up with friends.
11/5: I'm grateful for beautiful, colorful leaves!
11/6: I'm grateful for the amazing Miss Daisy who is now 6! Happy Birthday to our sweet furry girl.
11/7: Oh man am I grateful for Friday's that pass quickly!
11/8: For Nonnie and Papa, and the giant blessing it is to get to see Gwen interact with them.
11/9: For amazing, awesome friends who are like family. Who feed us and we can just relax with.
11/10: For the healthy, active, growing baby boy in my belly! And his beautiful parents. I cannot wait for them to meet!
11/11: For all of the amazing veteran's who fought for our country and the freedoms it holds dear.
11/12: For my soft, warm bed... which I'm going to go hop into right now! 
11/13: I'm grateful for a roof over my head and warm blankets on my bed. So happy for these "little things" that can so easily be taken for granted, but that far too many go without.
11/14: I'm grateful for the shoes on my feet, that have lasted me for YEARS; and the new ones that are just arrived. Warm, dry feet should always be appreciated.
11/15: For changing colors, and warm jackets, and hot chocolate; and all the things that make this time of year special.
11/16: I'm so grateful for the relationship that Gwen has with her cousin Wyatt. Though we don't see each other as often as we would like, I absolutely adore how much they love each other!
11/17: I'm grateful for my crazy, loud, fun, ridiculous in-laws! My MIL and FIL who are just supportive beyond words, and my BILs and SILs who are fun and loving, and my nephew Wyatt, who is a joy!
11/18: I'm so grateful for that man that was William Kenny. He was a larger then life presence. While his absence is felt deeply, he left such a legacy of love that I can't be anything but grateful for the part of his life that I got to spend with him.
11/19: I'm grateful for hard work that pays off!  And hardworking coworkers who help to bear the load.
11/20: I'm grateful for work from home days, especially when they are also half days. Sleep! Yoga pants and sweatshirts!
11/21: I am so thankful for good reviews, and bosses who express their appreciation of all you do, while still pushing you to be better.
11/22: For epic, once in a lifetime events, and the friends I get to experience them with, I am thankful! Go Lehigh!
11/23: I'm grateful for holiday cookies, giggling girls, and Eagles wins!
11/24: I'm thankful for every single one of you reading this. For being a part of my life, big or small.
11/25: For my daughter, Gwen, who drives me absolutely crazy sometimes, but who is the light of my life and a blessing beyond compare I am so so thankful.
11/26: I'm definitely grateful for an employer who appreciates family time and lets us out of work early; and the massage I was able to treat myself to with some of that free time!!

Today I am so especially thankful to be able to spend this day with my amazing family, sharing amazing food, and good company. There is so much there that is an extra blessing. I am an amazingly blessed, and thankful for it everyday.

What are you thankful for? 

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