and then it got busy again

I forgot about the part after our big event, when we have to catch up on everything that got pushed aside while we were preparing for said big event. A process which is interrupted by 2.5 days off for Thanksgiving (definitely not complaining!!). I think I am just about there now, caught up, and moving into the things that will need to be done to close out the year and things that we want to do in the coming year.

In the evenings I've been taking care of Christmas present wrapping (99% done!), Holiday card stuffing, and for the love of all that is good and holy, some relaxing! Something is bound to be neglected, and yeah, its this lovely little corner of the internet.

Still, lets play catch up, for posterity sake.

The day before Thanksgiving we got out for a half day, which was lovely, and I used that time well to get myself a massage. My tired body was so grateful, and frankly, I would have paid the money just to have the opportunity to lay on my stomach and back for 70 minutes (special pregnancy pillow and a table that props up)!! Such a treat. I want 100 more.

My brother and his fiance arrived that night, and Thursday we all headed up to my parent's. I have exactly one picture I took on Thanksgiving and that is of the Cranberry Salsa my mom had out for us when we arrived. It was divine and I want to make bowls and bowls of it.

It was a really great Thanksgiving. So much good food. Lots of fun hanging out with the family. And satisfying watching the Eagles tromp the Cowboys.  :-)

I love Thanksgiving so.
And now we are on the countdown to my next favorite holiday... Christmas! 22 days and counting.

The rest of the weekend was spent as a family doing... well random bits here and there, but mostly lots of taking it easy. Trips to the grocery store and BJs. Loads of laundry. A long, chilly walk:

Followed by hot chocolate to warm up:

Some movies, some cleaning, some cooking, and some dress up:

All in all, very good. Though I think we were all ready for a bit of routine come Monday. Even Gwen, for all her "I don't want to go back to school" whines, was the most cooperative Monday morning that we've seen in a while.

I was definitely ready for more routine, and the chance to get back to yoga. Weeks of crazy schedules had led me to miss so many classes, and for the first time this week I'm feeling every single bit of my 7.5 months pregnant. But I'm getting back to it, and making it a priority since being active has kept me feeling so good this whole time. My 33.5 weeks bump is all dressed up and ready to go to yoga tonight:

The next few weeks are bound to be busy still, but I'm looking forward to it all, and happy that I'm finally catching up.

How was your Thanksgiving? Are you ready for the holidays?

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