cold weather warm ups: santa and sesame place

Monday again, and only a bit over 2 weeks until Christmas! We finally broke out the Christmas decorations this weekend, and while we're not done with them, we at least have a very good start.

This weekend was cold, but we managed to have fun. Saturday i joined Trav and Gwen for their monthly Home Depot project since it was a special one for the holidays.

She sat on his lap twice and was so excited to tell him what she wanted.  :-) 
We watched White Christmas that afternoon, and Gwen loves it as much as I do!

Sunday we used a groupon to head to Sesame Place for their Very Furry Christmas. After some initial fears, Gwen was just as daring with the rides as last time. The rollercoaster was her favorite, and any ride that spun was spent yelling "faster Daddy, faster!!"

She absolutely loved seeing the characters too, and was much braver about saying Hi to them and giving them hugs this time.

It was definitely cold, but we had a great time anyway, and weren't really bothered by the weather too much until the sun went down. It was nice to spend some extended time outside, since that definitely falls off with the cold weather.

We grabbed a pizza on the way home and got our tired girl in bed a little early.

Now we're on to another busy week!

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