more Christmas stuff, but of the much more edible variety

Happy Winter Solstice!
I love that from here on out the days will slowly, but surely, start to get longer and longer again. I love too, that this Solstice weekend fell on one that was so full of holiday prep. 

Friday night I was pretty beat, but considering Saturday was the cookie exchange at Ro's place, I knew I had to get some stuff done. I had actually, finally, put together my hot chocolate squares (using this recipe) on Thursday night (not hard at all, just took a bit of time to chop all the chocolate), so I had to take care of cutting, skewering, and bagging those up to before I could pass them out to friends and family (and our postman, and garbage men, who are all the sweetest). I did that while Gwen was getting ready for bed.

After actually putting her to bed, it was back downstairs to bake my cookies. I made Gooey Peanut Butter Cookies, and despite my tired crankiness ("I don't wannnnnt tooo..."), I forgot how damn easy and delicious these cookies are! So I had them all done (a double batch, three cookie sheets worth), in about a half hour. Then I got to eat a few fresh cookies while watching a movie with Trav.

Saturday was the actual exchange, and it was a lot of fun. Got to bring home some great cookies, and spend some fun time with friends.

Sunday we had no official plans, but between Trav cleaning, us both working on laundry, me doing the final grocery shopping for the big week ahead, and Gwen and I working on Trav's special present, it was a busy day. I think we are finally completely ready for Wednesday and Thursday though!

I also turned 36 weeks yesterday, which just feels huge. I'm officially "allowed" to go into labor now (aka they won't stop it if it happens on its own), and am going to the doc weekly.

Only a two day work week this week, then its time for holidays! I'm really getting excited! Hope you're all feeling the holiday spirit.

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