little big milestones

Wearing her new robe, from Miss Tally.
This past weekend was full of good stuff: movies with a coworker/friend on Friday night (Mockingjay - loved it!), cookie baking (sugar, peanut butter blossoms, chocolate covered cherry cookies, and coconut thumbprints) and Christmas gift exchanging with Ro, Pat, and the girls on Sunday (pretty new tumblers! pj pants! super hero clothes! movie tickets! - they know us so well). All of that was so wonderful, and I have not a picture of any of it, since I was so busy enjoying.

But right now I want to talk about Saturday. Again, no pictures... but I have to commemorate one of Gwen's little big milestones. My girl got her first hair trim, and she was so brave! It was her choice, and she wanted to do it to make brushing easier and keep her hair healthier, but "I love my long hair Mama, I don't want it short!" So we only took off about an inch to even it out and get rid of the slightly broken ends.

She was nervous. Despite reassurances that it was easy and fast, and having seen me get my hair done, I think she was afraid it would hurt. On the way up Gwen told me, quite seriously, that she would get her hair trimmed today, but that was it, "one time only." Cindy is amazing though, and had her brushed, trimmed, and out of the chair in about 6 minutes! Gwen was amazed at how easy it was and told me that she would get her hair trimmed anytime.  :-)   I told her that she didn't need to go everytime Mama went, but that she could definitely do it on a semi-regular (every few months) basis. She agreed, "I'll get my hair trimmed anytime you say I need to."

Oh my brave, sweet girl.

I wish I had taken pictures, but I did save a cut lock for saving in a baby book.

So at 4 years, 10 months, my baby girl finally got her first hair cut. My baby girl's baby hair!
Check that one off the list.

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