Christmas Eve and Day

Christmas came so quickly this year, and passed just as fast. Here I am already back to work after 5 days off, and counting down to the New Year!

It was a really great holiday. Christmas Eve we went to visit one of Pappy's old Boy Scout Troop members. Larry Joel has been a part of Trav's life as long as he can remember. LJ spent every Christmas at Willy's, and it was really hard for him when Pappy moved away and then when he passed. We go to visit him before Christmas to try to keep that connection.

It was a great start to our holiday break. After that we headed home to meet my parent's, who came down to our place this year. We enjoyed an appetizer lunch, then watched some Christmas movies and just relaxed. We had our big meal that night, since we were all together and my parents needed to head out Christmas afternoon (my mom had to work Friday). Ham, mac and cheese, a potato casserole, peas, and corn.

That night we put out some milk and cookies for Santa, some carrots for the reindeer, and a great note that Gwen dictated and wrote (with help for the spelling).

I can't believe my girl is writing her own Christmas notes now!

Santa came, and it was a very full tree.

Gwen slept until around 7, came to bed to snuggle with us for a little, but couldn't contain herself for too long. We headed downstairs, grabbing out stockings along the way (we hang them from our staircase banister). Gwen was so excited to see that the cookies and carrots were gone, and that there were presents from Santa under the tree.

We let her tuck in, while people got drinks, and Trav started the cinnamon rolls.

It was a great day overall. Gwen was a little overwhelmed by the end of it, but seemed to love everything.

Her big gifts were a batman cave from Trav's parents, a policeman outfit from my parents, a pirate ship from Santa, as well as a Hulk figurine. (I was still struggling a little with just how much she was getting... but she's happily cleaning out old things to make room for her new stuff; and dang, she was just so happy/grateful/excited for everything!)

She was playing with them all together, which was cute. We got her more boring things, like boots and new PJs, but she seemed happy even with them.

Pirate ship docked at the Batman cave, with
the Hulk standing by in case anyone needs some muscle.

Trav got some new work clothes, snow pants, a gift certificate for a zoo membership (which we are all excited to use!), and I got him new hiking boots (his bit the big one after our last camping trip).

I mostly got money for the yoga festival I'm going to this summer, and Trav got me some yoga clothes to help me make it through said festival. I also got tons of super soft socks, which I love.

We got my mom a book she wanted, my dad some soaps he wanted, and jointly got them a gift certificate to one of their favorite restaurants.

After that we turned on A Christmas Story, Nonnie helped Gwen play her new board games, and we relaxed until lunch time; after which my parents got ready to head home.

The rest of the day Gwen pretty much entertained herself figuring out all of the things her new toys could do. And that was actually much of the rest of our weekend! She loves her new items and will play independently with them for hours (though Trav and I have both taken our turns playing pirates and batman stop the bad guys).

Otherwise I did some cooking to use up our extra ham (ham, chicken, and corn chowder one day; a chicken cordon bleu casserole the other day; both yum!). There was a Harry Potter marathon on over the weekend too, so we watched a Harry Potter movie each day; and made sure to take Daisy on some walks to enjoy the 50-60* weather we were having (what?!), and to help Gwen run off some extra energy! She definitely was ready to go back to school today, since happy as she was with her new toys, Trav and I are no replacement for a room full of 4-5 year olds!

Especially since this is happening now:

37 weeks and starting to feel it! I was so happy for the extra rest this weekend, and for the days off I'll have this week. The parents arrive a week from Wednesday, and once they are here, I'm ready for him to come!

In the meantime, I have plenty of work to get done before the New Year, so off I go! Hope your holidays were wonderful!

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