nearing the end: a surrogacy update

I'm 34 weeks now. I cannot even believe how quickly this pregnancy is going. Maybe because for me its as much about the journey as the result, or because I'm chasing around a 4 year old, or because this time of year always seems to run at turbo speed! No matter the reason, it blows my mind to know I only have a month or a little more to go.

I had a prenatal appointment today. At 34 weeks I've gained 21 lbs, putting me at 140. My BP is great, my belly is measuring spot on, and everything is going well. The little one is head down (good boy!), and will hopefully stay that way at this point.

I'm still actively doing yoga and I'm sure that is helping with my sleep and with keeping me feeling generally good. I noticed that when I missed 2 weeks because of work/life craziness, that I felt infinitely more pregnant and uncomfortable then I had prior (or then I do now, thankfully). So I'm going to keep this up as long as possible!

Gwen continues to enjoy feeling the baby move and loves my big belly. We read the surrogacy book sometimes before bed.

I've scheduled all my appointments for the rest of the pregnancy. I go back in 2 weeks, then every week after that until I deliver. The parents and I are working out final details for labor, delivery, and the immediate postpartum period. So many things to consider, so very different then if it were my own. But we're getting everything ironed out.

And I guess that's where we stand at 8 months!

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