and then it was done

How different will things really be next week? Not much, really, but the end of a year still feels like a changing over. I felt really good leaving work today, for the last time until after the New Year dawns, a hardy dose of contentment for having finished off the year well. In my last day I killed it productivity-wise, was able to give my boss good news, and left myself in a great place to start off 2015. (I also finished a book I'd been lingering over for probably a month, not bad but not a page turner, and that was nice too.)

This year was a big one for me and my family. The surrogacy has obviously been a huge part of that year; a humungously huge part. But there was also our trip to Disney and two trips to Cape Cod. We started house hunting. I got a new title (a promotion of sorts) at work. Delving into what I wanted my life and consumption to look like with my Nothing New project.

Next year is looking pretty big too. It will certainly start with a bang (you know... labor), and I hope it only goes up from there! There are certainly big changes in store. A new house (fingers crossed!), "big kid school" for Gwen, some more trips. I look forward to getting my yoga game back, exploring how Nothing New can fit into my life for the long haul, and hopefully at least one more tattoo (what? I've got to be me!).

As for this actual last day of 2014? Well, I'll be spending it home with my much higher energy then me almost 5 year old. I'll do my best to keep her entertained. Trav will get home, we'll eat dinner, get Gwen to bed, pop a bottle of sparkling apple juice, then probably heading to bed ourselves well before midnight.  :-)   But honestly, there are many worse ways to ring in a New Year.

I hope you spend the last moments of your 2014 exactly as you hope.
See you in 2015!

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