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What I week! I'm so glad its Thursday already.
This was THEE week that I've been alternately dreading and looking forward to for weeks now. It was every bit as tiring as I thought it was going to be, but while I'm happy to be on the other side of it, it was not bad.

Let's start at the beginning. Last weekend we had a birthday party for a friend's twins on Saturday, then Sunday my in-laws started arriving into town. We met up with Andy, Megan, and Wyatt on Sunday evening to hit up Chucky Cheese, so the kids could run around and be nuts. We went out to dinner, then headed home.

I had to work Monday, but Trav and Gwen met up with them again to head to the Please Touch Museum. That night Trav and Gwen picked me up at the train station and we headed to a restaurant to meet with Andy, Megan, and Wyatt, Trav's parents, his Aunt and her husband, his Uncle Bob, and his other brother Scott and his wife Tammy. It was a loud, fun dinner!

Tuesday were all off Willy's services. There was a 9am viewing, followed by a 10am Mass, then the graveside portion, and finally a lunch for everyone which lasted until about 3. Trav's Aunt then had the close family over to her place for some finger foods, so we didn't get home until about 6. It was a long day, but a really good one. There were sad points, but many more happy ones. It was a great celebration of a great man, and I know he would have loved that his memory made us smile and laugh.

That night we were all in bed early. Wednesday Trav and Gwen were off again, this time to spend some time with Trav's Mom and Dad, but I was back to work. And not just any work day, but the biggest work day of the year! It was the night of our big dinner (our largest fundraiser of the year, with a big speaker and an amazing dinner at a gorgeous hotel). I got to get gussied up for the occasion.

And a coworker even helped with with my hair and makeup:

It was a very long day, but a wonderful culmination of a LOT of hard work. I was in bed, exhausted at 11:30.

Thankfully this morning I got to sleep in. Trav and Gwen were back to work and school as normal, but I have a work from home day, and a half-day too! So I was able to sleep in, eat a leisurely breakfast, take a relaxing shower, and throw on a pair of yoga pants and a sweatshirt. I needed that!

Loving her Mama...
or begging for breakfast sausage...
Now, hopefully things will slow down. There is still plenty going on, but two of the biggest things are behind us, and I feel like I've let out a breathe of air I've been holding for months.

Two big events days/events down, I picked up the stuff I need for my contribution to Thanksgiving, I picked up cookie supplies for baking with Ro this weekend, my Christmas shopping is 99% done, and we have lots to enjoy coming up shortly. Lehigh-Lafayette football this Saturday, picture taking and cookie baking with Ro, Pat, and the kids this Sunday, a much needed massage for me next Wednesday, Thanksgiving with the family Thursday, and looking at another house that following Sunday! Then we're on to December already!

So glad to be on the other side of things.

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