Yankee Stadium and cookies galore!

It was a very full weekend. Good, but tiring.

Saturday was the big Lehigh-Lafayette football game. Ours is the most played college football rivalry, and it was our 150th meeting, so it was a big deal.

We met at our friend Lauren's house, then took a van together into the big city... because this game was being held at Yankee Stadium!!

We ended up losing (wah!), but it was a great day and a lot of fun anyway.

Sunday we headed to Ro and Pat's where we took some holiday card pictures, plus some extras. One of my favorites (and ironically, the one where all of the kids were actually behaving!) is this one of Ro and I with our gaggle of girls.

We then proceeded to make 3 different kinds of cookies, and have a great afternoon/evening together.

It was a great weekend, and I feel like I was able to enjoy it even more thanks to last week being done (including my annual review on Friday, which went so well!). I'm still feeling the relief.

Today I'm reveling in the 70* weather, and ignoring the fact that they are calling for snow on Wednesday. Let's live in the now, on this one.  ;-)

I hope your weekends were all as full and wonderful as mine!

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