eye on the prize

Some Friday's feel like the prize at the end of a very harsh competition. It feels like winning just to get to them. This is definitely one of those Fridays. I'm making it even better in a few ways. Listening to this song right now:

And heading out to get a much needed pedicure at lunch.

Next week is going to be hard, but I'm hopeful that things will calm down after that. I'm ready for a little bit of calm.

I'm a little sad. It snowed last night and I can feel the death tolls of Autumn, and the impending deep bone chill of impending winter. I'm ready for winter holidays, but not winter weather. Thankfully the snow melted by morning, so we have some time... but the cold is moving in, and its only a matter of time now. 

When seasons collide (picture by my Daddy!).

Hope you enjoy your well earned weekend! I know I will.

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