day off for a long weekend

I'm sneaking this in after Gwen is in bed. None of us have the day off tomorrow, so its time to get back to the grind. The weeks have been so long around here lately. Repeat the broken record of work craziness, house hunting blahs, and all the other normal business. But lets look at some of the nice stuff from this past week.

Gwen got some new clothes from her Nana.

The only dress in the bunch, she liked the soft arms.
Nana did a good job of picking out some boy's shirts which Gwen LOVED. We convinced her the one dress was just a really long shirt and she went with it.

Meanwhile the Autumn weather is well and truly here to stay. We took out the A/Cs, and I got to wear boots and sweaters, which made me happy indeed.

25.5 weeks
I had Friday off. I took it off ages ago for something which didn't pan out, but decided to keep it. I'm so glad I did. AM yoga, lunch with Trav (an early anniversary meal), and some relaxing was just what the doctor ordered. I also spent a few hours in the kitchen which always makes me happy. Friday night it was loaded baked potato soup, and roasted cauliflower on the side. Saturday it was our favorite Pumpkin, Pear, and Fennel soup:

With a sprinkle of cinnamon.
And on the side roasted potatoes, fennel, onion, garlic, and sage. Veggies are never going to be my favorite, but this I would fight people for:

Those two nights of cooking produced veggies for the week for us, plus soup for the nights they were made, one other dinner's worth of each, and another night of each which I froze for later.

Another favorite part... with cooler weather comes much more snuggling from Miss Daisy:

Such a love bug.

Overall, a great weekend, and a good recharge for the sure to be long week ahead.

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