How is it possibly October already?! My favorite month, by far, so I'm not complaining... but September went so quickly, that I'm spinning a little bit. Thankfully our October weekend days are looking a lot less full then last month's, which will be a welcome break. This says nothing about the craziness that is my work week, leading up to our biggest event of the year in November, but at least I'll have some real down time on the weekends.

Its getting really beautiful. Amazing sunrises that I actually get to see, because they happen after I wake up; vibrant leaves popping out all over. I love it.

I had an appointment at the Birth Center yesterday. I'm 24 weeks now, and October will bring the start of my 3rd trimester. Again, I can't believe it. I'm moving super slow today, which is of course, partially because of getting bigger and more unwieldy, but mostly because I feel so short of sleep this week, and hot yoga kicked my butt last night! I'm going to bed early tonight, throwing open the windows to another one of my favorite parts of the season, the cold evenings.

What is October bringing for you?

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