the state of things

Here are the little things that are taking up my brain space right now, but don't warrant their own posts:

I got another jury summons. Another! I'm so thrilled about this, let me tell you.

I was complaining a little to a friend the other day that this baby was SO LOW and I needed to get them out of my hips and bowels. Well it appears that I forgot was the alternative was, because yesterday the baby pushed up firmly, shoving all my organs into my ribs and making me oh so sore. Seriously, ribs hurt man. TMI, but I went from wearing my bra hooked on the second smallest set of hooks, to the widest set of hooks, and I still might need to break out my old, one band size up, bras. I'm considering jumping up and down, to see if the baby will go back down.  ;-)  A good reminder to be careful what you wish for.

Work is pretty horrible right now. We're all stressed and too busy, and when my boss gets that way, he can be, uh, short with people. Which only makes things worse. Its making me frustrated and stressed and annoyed and...  well, more grateful then ever for my weekends.

Speaking of which, time to wrap things up here.

Have a great weekend!

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