and then her garden grew... or not

Its even bigger now... this pic is from pre-Cape Cod!
For the first time in a few years now, we didn't plant a garden. We weren't sure what would be happening housewise (we still aren't... ::sigh::), and didn't want to plant lovely veggies and herbs only to have them end up neglected. Seeing as we are still right here in July, I'm already missing the beans and fresh herbs!

That said, with Mother Nature when there is a will, there is a way. And in this case, when there is compost and old roots, there will be mint (so much mint) and a random squash plant (of some kind)! Hurray!

I don't know if anything will come of the squash (though its looking promising with some flowers already blooming!), but I do know that at very least I won't be out my favorite mint lemonade slushes this summer.  :-)

I'm already looking forward to next summer. Travis will absolutely be building me a new bed wherever we end up! 

What are you growing in your garden this summer?

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