while Mama's away...

Trav and Gwen generally do better together when I'm not there to act as an exasperated ringleader. They love and fight each other with fire of two people who are way too much alike.

[Little aside before I even get into what I really wanted to write:

When we were driving back from Cape Cod, this scene took place.
Trav (singing along to whatever music was playing in his head): Take me awayyyyy....
Gwen (quietly, but resolutely from the back seat): Yeah, and leave him there.

My snort was barely contain, and the look on his face was pretty priceless.]

I don't think I mentioned it at the time, but while I was away at Wanderlust, Trav and Gwen were home together. The whole time, all five days, no school, no work, just together. All the time, together.

I noticed back in the late winter/early spring that Gwen's daycare was closed for a few days in June. It was a surprise (I'm not sure why, but apparently we just never noticed those 3 days!); but my biggest concern at first was that I'd have trouble getting the days off since I was already taking time off for Wanderlust and Cape Cod. Imagine my relief/alarm/surprise when the only 3 days her school was closed that month were the exact 3 work days that I was off for Wanderlust. What were the odds?

Poor Trav. He was a bit... put out, at first. That is a long time to have to entertain your 5 year old on your own with absolutely no adult back up! Ro and Pat were working during the week of course, and unfortunately were away that weekend as well. All ended well, of course, but I can see that information being a shock to the system when your wife dumps it on you pretty unceremoniously.


But, Trav figured if he had to take the days off, then he might as well make the most of it. While Mama's away, her babies will play. They ended up having a great time without me!

Highlights: a trip to the zoo! going to see my parents over the weekend (other adults!)! the last day of tennis!

The zoo was great.  Her only complaint was that she and Trav missed one section. Otherwise she loved it.

There were movies on other days. And trips to Home Depot (she gets very excited about that place!). 

She helped Trav replace the toilet seat that I despised! 

Going to my parents house was the much needed break that Trav needed by that point (Saturday). And Gwen was having so much fun with the post-tennis party (Sunday) that when I called to tell her and Trav I was on my way home, she barely got out a "great, see ya soon," before she was running back to play.  (Thankfully for my emotional state, she was much more excited about my actual arrival home!)

All-in-all, it was a successful Mom's trip away for them too!

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