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My baby brother got married on July 18th!

Let's rewind a week though, to when Gwen came down with a gross cold, and I came down with a panic attack of epic proportions that I was going to get it and be sneezing and sniffing and red nosing it through said wedding. I did not, thankfully!

In fact, it was a beautiful day, really so lovely. The celebrations started on Thursday when all the bridesmaids and I took Elise out to a "bachelorette" dinner of sorts. I spent the night at Ethan and Elise's place, and Friday was spent baking wedding pies!

Instead of a wedding cake, they had a whole table full of beautiful pies that their friends and family baked. 

Friday night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, then Saturday was the big day! Elise wore vintage and the boys wore kilts! The flowers were dried and involved lavender, so they smelled amazing. Gwen (the "bubble girl") took one look down the aisle and immediately headed the other way. Ha... oops. 

But even with that, their day was perfection. 

(Sorry for the blurry iPhone shots... hopefully pro-pictures soon!)

We have some amazing family, and Elise's family is just as sweet. All of their friends are wonderful too. So the whole day was spent surrounded by good people.

The wedding itself was sweet and emotional. I had no where to look without seeing someone crying tears of joy, so I gave up and cried a little myself!  ;-)   It was held at the Kay Spiritual Life Center, on the AU campus... the place where Ethan and Elise had met!

The reception was across the street at the Methodist church that E&E are a part of. There was brunch foods and dancing, and some of our favorite people for socializing.

And pie, of course... so much pie!

After the reception ended, we headed to Wray and Susie's for a little... then it was back home for a relaxing Sunday at home to recover!

I'm so glad we got this chance to celebrate with Ethan and Elise! What a beautiful, lucky, expanded family we are! 

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