the best laid plans: when the lights go out

You know the phrases: we plan, G*d laughs; the best laid plans; we plan, life happens. There are plenty, but they all boil down to the same thing, try as we might, we humans do not actually control all that much about our lives in the big picture.

Case in point: the week before we left for the Cape. Here's how our perfect plan went - lovely cooked meals every night to clean out the fridge before we left, cleaning the house up and getting ready, packing Thursday night, heading out Friday.

Here's what actually happened - humungous thunderstorm (with tornado warnings!) Tuesday that knocked out our power for over 24 hours and completely canceled my whole train line for days; pizza for dinner Tuesday night an hour later then normal dinner; another late dinner and bedtime for Gwen Wednesday as we all went over to Trav's coworker's place to drop off Daisy (who unfortunately can't join us this year ::sad Meegs::) and pick up all of our food (which she graciously saved for us!); frantic readying on Thursday. My frustration was palatable, and I might have almost burst into tears over a missed train. 

Crazy skies when the storms passed.

Here's the good news: we still got to Cape Cod.
It might not have been as smooth as we hoped it would be, but we got there. And really we're none the worse for wear. 

We got to blow bubbles on the front porch while eating our pizza. We got to disconnect from electronics for a night. We got to use our camp light for more then just camping!

In the end it all worked out okay.
Even if I did end up wearing navy slacks with a black and white top to work, since I got dressed in the dark.  ;-)

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