we're different... we're the same

My look is not everyone's cup of tea.

I know that, I accept that, and I'm okay with that. 

I have colored hair. A few weeks ago I bumped my dip-dyed blue hair up a notch by doing blue "highlights."

I have tattoos, some of them rather large.

I prefer more "hippie-eque" clothes, funky jewelry, and I absolutely rock the "yogi wrist stack" of bracelets.

I'm fine with the fact that people, especially in the business laden center of town, or in the more straight laced suburbia, are going to stare sometimes. I'm used to it, frankly.

But I almost forgot what it felt like to just be me without having to be aware of the eyes and the looks. Until I didn't have to.

This was one aspect of Wanderlust that I didn't get into before. If ever there was staring, it was followed by smiles and a comment of, "I love your hair" or "that's a great tattoo!"

How refreshing to not stick out! Because no matter what people think, that's not why I dye my hair or ink my skin. I do because that what it means to be authentically myself! This is what the real me looks like. For once I was surrounded by people who understood that, people who felt the same way. And lord have mercy, if it didn't feel like a breath of fresh air!


The title of this post is from a great Sesame Street themed book (We're Different, We're the Same (Sesame Street) (Pictureback(R))) that I've read to Gwen since she was a little girl. It points out that while we have our differences, they aren't things to be afraid or ashamed of, but beautiful things to celebrate! And in the end, while we have physical differences, we are also very much the same, and from the same great human race.

One day I hope everyone can feel that way.

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