Candy Ass and other fun things

I've been having some frustrating times lately. 

But I find myself eagerly anticipating the arrival of Christmas, with its festivities. I'm eager for everything about it. [Side note: its sometimes hard to be the responsible adult, when you really want to yell, "YES GWEN, LETS OPEN ALL OF THE PRESENTS!!!!"] 

I've had a few other exciting things happen/arrive lately that have boasted my spirits as well.

First there was my very own bottle of Candy Ass. Do you want to smell badass and divine? Because this stuff is seriously the best.

Not that I'm biased, since it was designed by my very own Babs... but seriously, I'm currently in my PJs rocking this stuff because I want to smell this way always. Its a steal, and its amazing.

The second thing was that my business cards came in the mail! Now I've had business cards before... but these are for my own business, they are for doing something I love! And they are gorgeous!

Now that's something to be excited about, right?!
(A website logo is in the works too.)

Its good to have little things to get excited about!

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