December, Currently

I can't believe that its half way through December already. A week only and Christmas will be upon us. Even though I'm a little late in the game, I've seen these "Currently" post floating around and I couldn't resist giving it a shot this month. There is nothing like the holiday season and the impending end of year to make one wistful and reflective.

So here is where I am in December.


Honestly, I'm wishing this Christmas season goes a little more smoothly then the Thanksgiving holiday did. I adore these holidays, but its hard completely changing up what you know. I have high hopes though. While all our traditionss of Thanksgiving revolve around family, Christmas traditions involve decoration, talks about giving, seeing holiday lights on Christmas Eve, and cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. Plus, I'm not going to lie, presents provide a nice distraction.

On a different note, I hope for more gorgeous sunsets like this:

And maybe some awesome doula and yoga teacher stuff from my Wish List under the tree! 


Its always interesting thinking back over the past year when December rolls around. More then any year before now, this has been a year of big changes. I find myself thinking of our house, our friends and family, and those we've lost in recent years. Honestly, being so far from what has been your home makes you pretty reflective anyway, so these thoughts aren't new for the past few months... but they are more prevalent this month!


I'm actually done wrapping for the most part, and have been since the first week of December! One or two things left, but we have small pile of pretty things all done up. I love getting done with the Christmas shopping early, if I can, because then I can just enjoy the time leading up to the holidays.


Everything! There's just something about the weather turning cold that makes me want to bake things, and especially sweet things. My favorite lately are brownies, I can't seem to get enough! Peppermint cloud brownies, to be specific.

Also biscuits, and cookies. Once we get in the new year, I'll have to buckle down and finally find some adjustments to my Irish Soda Bread recipe, to make it high altitude appropriate.


Everything! We didn't really put out our decorations for Halloween or Autumn... a time of year I normally love decorating for. It just didn't seem like we had the place for stuff. But for Christmas we found the room. Santas, stockings, and of course, the tree.

We have special towels in the kitchen, and hopefully will pick up some lights for our porch soon. Our apartment is certainly "beginning to look a lot like Christmas..." and I wouldn't have it any other way!

What have you been up to currently this December?! 
Leave a comment and let me know! 

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