There's Nothing Like Your Mama

My mom recently made the trip out to Colorado for a visit.

Gwen and I were over the moon to see her! (Trav was very happy too, but, you know, its different!) Gwen would steal her away the second she got home, for books and pretend. I enjoyed our mornings together, running errands and just relaxing together. It was wonderful even to do something so normal as watch TV with her!

The Saturday she was here, Trav took Gwen to a movie marathon they had at our apartment complex, so I could take my mom to see Red Rocks. Gwen has been there numerous times, so I wasn't sure she'd be up for any lollygagging.  :-)

My mom loved seeing the iconic Amphitheater and those amazing rocks. (Gwen loved the Star Wars marathon too.)

We also picked up our Christmas tree while my mom was here, and together with Gwenie they did almost the whole tree themselves!

We did some cooking, and treat making, and overall the days my mom was here were full of just a bit more holiday cheer!

Her visit was exactly what we needed to get past the Thanksgiving slump, and was a big pick-me-up for Gwen and I.

I can't wait until her next visit, with my Dad this time, in the spring or summer!

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