Christmas Recap

Christmas ended up being everything I hoped it would be, and maybe even better.

We were all excited for the holiday, though Gwen was especially. I did actually let her open a few things early... a few things arrived unwrapped, so I figured, why not?

Modeling her new hooded towel/occasional cape, from Uncle Epie.

Trav had off on Christmas Eve, so we had a relaxing day together. That night we headed out to a nearby park to see the lights they had put up. This is something we'd done for years in Pennsylvania, so it was important to me that we did it here too.

It was beautiful there, and Gwen loved that she got to go down the slide a few times in the dark.

They did a beautiful job!

We got home and got Gwen right to sleep, so that Santa could do his thing.

She was so excited the next morning that he had come, that we had full stockings, and that he had eaten the cookies we left and even written her a note back.

The aftermath...

Gwen got Legos from us, my parent's, and Trav's parents. She is so into Legos right now. In fact, she played with them happily and quietly for the rest of the day!

It was also the year of Star Wars, and we all got something Star Wars related.

Those are my Star Wars socks (Trav got SW socks and boxers, and Gwen got PJs, underwear, and a shirt). I was so lucky to receive things for all of my passions, yoga and doula and Harry Potter.   :-) 

Our friends and family were so generous.

After how rough Thanksgiving was, with Gwen being sad and out of sorts (and therefore acting out), it was really so rejuvenating and such a relief to have Christmas be everything we hoped it would be. We opened gifts, ate cinnamon rolls (like every Christmas morning), watched some new movies, and just enjoyed being together.

It was a truly wonderful day and I'm so grateful for it. Its completely cliche, but I feel so blessed.

I hope everyone else's holidays were just as sweet and fulfilling!

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