Homemade and Nothing New Gift Giving

Gifts are a beautiful way to show those you love that you are thinking of them. Its a way to celebrate your love for them, and show them how well you know them. I'm always happy to get people things they need or want, but love having a few extra things up my sleeve for those that don't know what they want. These are especially geared towards those who just don't need any more stuff. Those who are trying to declutter, trying to lessen their footprint, or just don't want more things. 

Christmas is just under two weeks away, so perhaps this comes a little late for this year. But maybe it will be a help for someone looking for a last minute gift, or forward planning for next year.

Nothing New
  1. A Date Night - tickets to a movie theater or a gift card to a restaurant. Added bonus, if they are parents: offer to babysit if you live close enough.
  2. A Night Off - for parents, more budget conscious then above, but same idea, just give them the free babysitting.
  3. E-books for their Kindle - a favorite for readers who don't have any more room on their shelves! 
  4. A Mani/Pedi, with Good Company - schedule a date with you, or with one of their friends, for a little treat for their feet.

When You Really Want to Give Something Physical
(but don't want it to just be more stuff)
  1. Homemade Vanilla Extract - its delicious, super easy, and a great, welcome treat for anyone who bakes. You can find great glass bottles on Amazon. This also makes a great housewarming gift!
  2. Homemade Hand Salve - Again: easy, so lovely, great cute jars on Amazon. I infused my olive oil with rosemary, then used lavender essential oils. It smelled divine! It also lasts forever.
  3. Air Plant "Garden" - no green thumb required for this little garden. These beautiful plants will clean your air, brighten your house, and serve as a great centerpiece.

I've given all of these gifts at various times (other then the air plants, those I want for myself!), and they were all met with much appreciation.
I hope you have a good holiday season, and I hope you get to experience the joy of giving!


  1. Love it! I so want to declutter but we can't always agree on what to keep and what to throw away.

    A friend of ours recently suggested our little group of friends do a "white elephant" gift thingy. I have never heard of this term, but apparently it is sort of like regifting.

    1. The agreeing on what to get rid of can definitely be hard. I've found that if there is stuff that we are on the fence about, put it in a box and put it on a high shelf. If you don't use anything from the box for a set period of time (6 months maybe), then donate the whole thing.

      White elephant exchanges are fun! A gift and a game in one!


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