Back to Cali - the 10 year Redux

My Mom and Dad flew into town two Saturday's ago, and the next day Trav and I flew out! Our 10th wedding anniversary seemed like a big enough occasion for some travel, just the two of us (when the heck did that last happen?!). So we packed up and headed back to Sonoma County, California, the same area as our honeymoon 10 years earlier! I have a girlfriend who rents out a gorgeous place there, so we went a little "bigger" then we might have otherwise. It was worth it!

We packed books and magazines. We planned one special tasting. Otherwise, we had a wide open 5 days ahead of us!

We did start things off at a meal with my girlfriend at the Beach Chalet, a yummy place with the most gorgeous view of the ocean. I didn't get a picture of the view, but did get one of us.

Then it was time to head North, over a little bridge, and on to our home away from home.

Monday we slept in a bit, then got up and headed out to the area of our tasting. We had some amazing BBQ for lunch, visited with some goats at a little fall fest, then headed to Caldwell for their wine tasting in a cave.

Here's one thing I love about travel, you never know who you're going to meet. On this particular journey, we met 4 folks from our tiny Pennsylvania town! What are the odds?!

We hit a few more wineries on the way home that day. There are so many beautiful ones! Gorgeous caves, hobbit-hole style ones on top of hills, tucked into valleys, and of course, among the vines!

The next day we headed out again, heading to Westside Rd to check out some of the smaller wineries set along there. It was a pretty drive, and some good wine!
Its not a vacation until there's wine soaked yoga!

The next few days were completely lazy and low-key! We watched movies and read books. We soaked in the hot tub, and spent plenty of time listening to the rain. There was lots of that! The one thing I didn't get to do was yoga on the beautiful back deck of theirs, it never really dried out enough.

That said, I didn't feel like I was missing out! I needed a lot of sleep, and lots of relaxing, and I got all that. Plus, Trav and I definitely enjoyed the time to ourselves, to just be Trav and Meg instead of Daddy and Mommy.

A note about my friends place: It was absolutely amazing, inside and out. The perfect combo of in the middle of the woods, but still modern. I love woods, period, but these redwoods were just so damn impressive. There is something about this type of forest that makes you feel like it could be 5000 years ago and these forest would look exactly the same. I find that incredibly grounding.

Overall, it was a wonderful, relaxing week! Such a great way to celebrate together.

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