Weekend Snaps

Um, so time got away from me here, and for the first time in a LONG time I'm late with my post! Last week I felt like I never had quite as much time in the day to get things done. But let's get to it now! Random snapshots for life right now: 

Last weekend I attended my second doula birth. I'm not going to blog about all of them, but I just had to mention it as it was such a wonderful experience. So different from my first birth. Both were so fulfilling in their own ways. I love sweet babies! And I love my job(s)!! 

This past weekend was the big Lehigh-Lafayette football game. Its obviously way different celebrating out here vs. actually heading up to campus, but we thought we'd make it a bit more of a celebration by actually heading out to our local telecast party.

It was a lot of fun to be with other Lehigh fans, and I didn't realize how many of them there are out here! Plus, we won... so that is always a bonus!

Sunday I headed out with a friend to attend a candlelit sing-in to spread a little love to the world. It was a beautiful evening and I'm so glad we went.

It was nice to be with other people looking to spread love with everything going on right now.

On another note Weather: it has been ridiculously hot here, ridiculously late. I mentioned that Trav couldn't wear his Wookie costume on Halloween, because it was still in the 70s/80s at that point! I had originally been nervous about our early November trip to St. Louis, thinking we might encounter snow. Instead I was packing t-shirts! Finally now, in late November, its cooling down, though it is still long sleeved t-shirt weather for most of the day. We did get a random day of snow... literally a day. It was 80 the day before, then this happened: 

Then the next day it was back up to 50s, then 60s, and today I think we might hit the 70s again! This weather is so nuts. Tomorrow its dropping again and we might get more flurries... but the rest of the week is back into the 50s! Colorado is a little crazy.

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