While We Were Away...

I imagined starting this post with the words, "While we were away, how Gwenie did play!" You know what they say about the best laid plans? The days leading up to Trav and my trip to California were a bit of a comedy of errors!

My parents were amazing enough to fly into town to take care of Gwen and Daisy for the whole week that we were gone. It made the week that much better, knowing that they were in safe hands... especially since the night before my parent's arrival Daisy swallowed a chicken bone (first time ever!), and then the day my parent's arrived Gwen started getting sick. Add to that a kitchen light that suddenly decided to go on the fritz, and a balcony door that was suddenly almost impossible to lock, well I was suddenly feeling like the universe was playing a joke on us.

Leading up to our trip I started to put together a list of fun things to do with addresses, and gathering any tickets we had for free entry to places. I also put together a list of all of Gwen's doctors, our insurance, and any other in case of emergency info they would hopefully not need! 

Guess which page they needed? 
Ugh. I'm so grateful for my parents being here. There is no other way that Trav and I could have left and been able to relax, knowing that Gwen was well taken care of. Especially once they found out what it was... 

Strep!! (Wahh)

So their week of big fun suddenly became a lot more low-key. Movies and slow walks outside became the name of the game.

Thankfully the antibiotic got her feeling much better very quickly.

Still it was not what any of us had in mind when we envisioned a week with Nonnie and Papa visiting!

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