Taking Stock

[Found this on Making It Lovely, and thought it was fun... I totally trimmed a few, it was too long.]

Making: Merry! Now that Thanksgiving is over, its time to think about the Christmas decorations!

Cooking: All the turkey meals! We love turkey sandwiches, but we need other things to do with these leftovers! I'll make turkey soup today, and probably a turkey shepherds pie later this week.

Drinking: We broke into our bottles from our 10 year Cali trip yesterday to share with Trav's parent's. I will gladly finish off the one bottle we didn't last night.

Reading: His Mother's Son, on lone from a friend; then the Fantastic Beasts screenplay! I preordered it months ago and finally got it last week.

Trawling: Etsy, looking for the last of the Christmas presents I need to pick out.

Wanting: Travel Money! Five trips planned or hoped for next year, so all I want for Christmas is help getting to those places!

Looking: At my family, full and happy and relaxed... sprawled around the apartment. Love the post-Thanksgiving contentedness.

Deciding: If I even want to get out of my PJs today!

Wishing:  Gwen were old enough for X-files. Ha. Its my favorite lazy day at home binge watch.

Enjoying: How much slower November was. There were some busy times of course, but I love how much down time/family time I was able to enjoy! It was all I hoped for after a frantic summer and a frantic October.

Waiting: For another doula client to come my way! I just need one more to be certified, so I'm feeling impatient.

Liking: A few days off from school, and this whole week off from swim lessons. I love how Gwen has taken to swim, but it was very nice for all of us to have a down week.

Wondering: What all December will bring?!

Loving: All the holiday love spreading across my social media. Also, leftover pie.  :-)

Buying: Nothing! For myself at least, other then food stuffs, until after Christmas.

Watching: We just saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them earlier this week and loved it! Today though, we'll break out our first Christmas movies to watch. I have a no Christmas before Thanksgiving rule in our house, but now all bets are off!!

Marveling: At my jobs... still! I've taken on a regular subbing position for someone out on maternity leave, and its so amazing to me still that I have this yoga class that is MY class! I have regular students, and they are wonderful. I wonder if this will ever stop being so amazing to me.

Pondering: Yoga classes. I want to write a few out so I have a few to pick from when I start back up with my regular Monday class in December.

Needing: To figure out what I'm going to do the three days coming up that Gwen is out of school and I have yoga classes to teach. Ack.

Smelling: The lingering smells of Thanksgiving, and Stinky Yogi's Holiday Blend.

Wearing: PJs. Definitely not going to take them off.

Following: The political happenings of late with some trepidation and disbelief. Breathe, breathe, breathe.

Noticing: Some of these are really hard to fill out!

Thinking: How crazy it is that there's only a month left in 2016! What?! 

Opening: Wrapping paper... its time to start getting presents under the tree! (Well, first I have to get up the tree, but that happens this weekend! Ha!)

Giggling: Forget giggling, I'm all out gaffing at this:

Feeling: Happy and full-hearted.

Celebrating: That I think I'm finally over all my sicknesses. Right before I went on my girl's trip at the beginning on November I got a horrible stomach bug that was going around (5 hours straight of puking every 25 minutes! oh the fun!). That left me wiped, but just as I was starting to recover I got hit with a cold... that lingered until earlier this week. And last weekend, the final bits of my cold decided to team up with a lack of sleep and not enough water consumption to hit me with a horrible, nausea inducing headache. I slept 12 hours that night, after taking a 2 hour nap that afternoon (unheard of for me!), and I think it finally helped me kick the last of it. Now to stay well!

Pretending:  The kitchen will clean itself.

Embracing: The magic of the season. Fully. For so long (probably because of the unseasonably warm weather), it didn't feel like the holiday season. But now I'm running with it fully, and I can't wait to enjoy it all.

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