St. Louis - A Girls Roadtrip {2016 Roadtrip #6}

A few months ago, one of my fellow Yoga Teacher Training girls moved with her family to St. Louis. A week and a half ago, another girl from our training and I drove our to visit with her. I have to say, we had talked about this briefly for maybe 6 weeks, but it wasn't until about 3 weeks out that it was really decided. I was definitely excited to get another road trip in this year!

Thursday morning I dropped Gwen off at school, then off we went! It was a long, long day. Its about 11.5 hours from Denver to St. Louis, with a good part of that spent crossing boring Kansas. Our butts were sore, but the trip went surprisingly quickly, and around 11:30 that night we were pulling up at her house. We were in bed not long after that, but the next day it was time to get the fun started!

We started off with brunch, then headed down to see the Arch. It was the only thing I really hoped to do while we were there!

Its so impressively large! We headed to the top, taking these cramped little egg cars up (up up! 650 feet!), where we got to experience a very impressive view. It was a little vertigo inspiring, honestly!

Alex took us to see some pretty amazing graffiti after that...

Before heading over to the City Museum. I don't even know how to begin to describe this place... its like a Children's Please Touch museum meets Urban Art meets an all-ages playground...

Honestly and simply, it was one of the most unique places I've been in a long time!

We had the best time running around, sliding the slides, climbing and exploring! It was like being a kid again, so obviously after that we were exhausted. Ha! (Olds... hahaha). We had some dinner, then headed back to Alex's place to just relax and watch a movie together.

King Louie kept me company!

The next day we started things off with a classic St. Louis food item... Gooey Butter Cake! It was sweet, decadent, gooey, and a real treat.

After that we checked out Alex's neighborhood, before grabbing some lunch at a local brewery.

We relaxed at her place a bit after that before heading out for dinner and drinks. We checked out two fun areas (The Grove and The Loop) before heading back to her neighborhood to check out its two bars.

One had some great graffiti, one had swings at the bar... both were winners! We made some new friends for Alex, a really fun night.

The next morning, Sunday, it was time to quickly pack up and get back on the road. The trip home was thankfully just as smooth, though also just as long! I dropped Hanny off, then it was home just in time to squeeze my girl for a little before putting her to bed.

A really fun, fabulous weekend! I'm so glad we headed out there.
And with that, my 2016 travel is really over! (I think!)

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