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Its so crazy to me to think on how life has evolved and changed since our move to Colorado. The routine we found in the first few weeks here, is not the routine of 6 months later, or of a year post-move, or of now. Her school's schedule changed, my work routine has changed. Its fun to look back on, to see what our days looked like at this point.

Gwen's schedule is much more consistent then mine (though she has her varieties of specials at school each week - rotating between gym, art, music, library, STEM, etc). She wakes up between 7:00 - 7:40, with the later being a really tired day and the former much more typical. I get up when she does. She gets herself dressed and brushes her teeth while either Trav or I get her some breakfast (he leaves between 6:50 - 7:20 depending on how busy his day looks). She get to watch one cartoon while eating her breakfast, then she pays or reads until 8:25 when its time to get ready to get out the door at 8:30. I use that time to get dressed and ready, and eat some breakfast as well; sometimes I check some emails if I have the time. I walk her to school unless its too cold. Depending on the temperature, she either goes straight into class, or they line up and wait for the bell to ring (8:50?). I walk back home then.

Mondays I get ready to teach my 11:15 yoga class, making myself some tea to bring along, reviewing my class notes. I check emails and facebook, maybe work on a blog post. Wednesday and Fridays I take class at 12:15 with one of my favorite teachers. I often come home and jot down some notes about a pose I want to include in an upcoming class, or a transition I loved. I straighten up the apartment, vacuum or clean the bathrooms. Sometimes on Mondays, I meet SaraMarie for coffee; sometimes (on rotating days) Trav and I meet for a date lunch. Tuesday and Thursday are my freer days: I write yoga classes, run errands, grocery shop, do laundry. I answer inquiry emails as they arise, and update my work website regularly.

Gwen gets out of school at 3:30, and baring something really unusual, I'm there to pick her up (on foot, unless its really miserable out). We walk to our apartment's main office to check the mail, chatting about her day on the way. Then we head home and get her set up to do homework. While she works, I empty her backpack and pack her lunch for the next day (answering occasional requests for help). She eats a snack while working, normally whatever she didn't get to finish at lunch. On Mondays and Wednesday, she finishes homework and we get ready for swim lessons. I take her to swim, and Trav comes home to get dinner ready and waiting for us when we get home. These are shower nights, so we eat, get her washed, then right in bed.

The other days, she watches a video after homework, and zones out for a bit. Then she plays or reads while I cook dinner and straighten up the kitchen. Trav comes home while I'm finishing up dinner prep (unless its a really busy day, then he joins us just after we sit down). Dinner is a family affair, something that hasn't changed since Gwen was little. Other then the occasional night out, we eat together and talk about our days. Its a great time to reconnect a little. After dinner Gwen gets to play and read a bit more, then straight up her toys, and at 7:30 she heads in to get ready for bed. She says goodnight to Trav and Daisy, who head out for a walk, and I take her into bed where we read until 8:00. Then we say goodnight, and Gwen goes to sleep.

The rest of the night Trav and I talk, and watch a show or two. I do more emailing/facebooking/blogging. We turn off the TV at 10, but which time Trav is normally asleep on the couch. On good nights, one of us takes the dog out then and we get ready to be in bed by 10:30. That doesn't always happen though... I'm a night owl and often just don't feel tired then (though I know I'll feel it in the morning)! I might play on my phone or read for another hour or so before heading to bed myself.

Our weekends are always different with the exception of the "yoga bookends" (I like to take a Saturday morning class, and I teach a Sunday evening class), and our regular desire to sleep in! We try to have as many lazy ones as we do busy one, though we often have runs of one or the other. 

I have some on-call days for the local birth center thrown in there, I sub yoga classes a few times a month, sometimes a doula client meeting or on-call. But that, for the most part, is what life looks like right now. It will be interesting to see what life looks like 6 months from now!

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