The State of Things

Life is normal, and its not. Its hard to wrap my head around what's happening in our country right now. Day-to-day, our routine, its the same. That's my privilege, which I recognize. But my heart is heavy, and I just don't understand.

LagLiv said it better, but I just don't understand how the White House Press Sec can flat out lie to us. It makes no sense to me how the powers that be can continue to dismantle the ACA without offering anything in its place, leaving millions without insurance and therefore without access to necessary medical attention. We've confirmed a Secretary of Education with no relevant experience, and who has made it clear she doesn't care about the state of public schools, nor making sure that those with disabilities receive the help they need to learn well (even if their school receive the money for providing those services).

It makes me livid that we're going to end up paying for a damn wall that won't work:

Not to mention being unnecessary since illegal immigrant levels have leveled off! There is no humongous inflow. And I can hardly even talk about the new policies on refugees and people from Muslim countries (but not countries that have actually supplied us with terrorists, instead going with the ones without Trump hotels and interests).

This country was built on the idea of helping those in need, and now we are being run by people who love to talk about how pro-life they are, but don't want to help those lives they consider less then. (Read this, he says it best!)

What are we doing here? We're not making America safer or better, we're making it more racist, more reactionary, and less of everything that actually makes our country great. Our President is the butt of international jokes, and the only place he's polling well is Russia.

I'm frustrated. I'm scared. I'm damn sad.

But I won't back down, I won't stop speaking out, I won't stop standing up for my friends, and I won't stop working to bring our country forward again. I ask you to do the same. If you see intolerance, speak up; call your Reps, make sure they get your support to do the right thing or hear your thanks.

I want to hope for a miracle, but the truth is, this is going to take work. I won't stop, and I hope you're with me.

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