Nothing New Update

I walked through Target the other day and only got the dishwasher detergent, socks, and underwear for Gwen that I came in for. So basically, things are going well.  Ha!

Really, as things progress I get more and more used to not "defaulting to buy" and it feels good to be much more conscientious of what I'm spending my money on and WHY I'm spending it. I didn't see a big change in my credit card in January thanks to two big things: Daisy's surgery, and plane tickets for one of the weddings I'll be attending in May. But thanks to Nothing New, having those expenses wasn't as painful as it might have been!

My only other splurge type purchases were new snow boots for Gwen (really a necessity, her old ones had holes!), and a new pair of yoga pants for me (also pretty necessary - as of this month I teach or take yoga 5 of 7 days a week - going up to 6 next month, and two of my current pairs are about to go!). For Valentine's Day I did buy Trav a gift - but it was the gift of a night out (sushi and comedy!) vs another item that would take up space in our house. He gifted me with sushi for dinner and the freedom to book some travels! There were a few birthdays in there as well, but I mostly bought people experiences vs things, and the few things I did buy, I was able to use a gift card to buy. I'm also saving on yoga classes now since I'm teaching at my home studio (score!).

I still have work to do. I notice when I have a sad/frustrating/aggravating day I'm more likely to fall back into old habits. But I plan to keep going, keep trying, and hopefully it gets so routine that I don't fall back into old habits so easily.

Onward and upward!

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