Girls Night - Hockey Edition - Times Two!

This past weekend a girlfriend and I headed to the Avs game together. A nice treat! I've been with Gwen, with Trav, with Gwen and Trav, with Trav's family... but I don't think I've ever gone to a game with just a girlfriend!

Rachel was my "boss" at Chick Around the Corner, but she's now just a great friend... and she's a hockey fan to boot (ironically, a Penguins fan like Trav!).

It was a great game to hit up. The last few that we've been to, the Avs have lost, but not this time!

Even better, it was just really nice to have a girls day... and better yet, to know that I have a big enough group of friends here now that I can always find a friend to join me for an event!

And that knowledge came in handy when Trav got some last minute tickets on Tuesday (take two)! He gave them to me since he was going on Thursday with Gwen for the Penguins game, so I FINALLY got to hit up a game with my soul sister, Marissa. 

We have been seriously trying to hit up a game together since we became friends, but scheduling just never worked out! It was so much fun, and we won that game too!

Love these girl's nights out!

Ps. In case you're feeling bad for Gwen being left out... she happened to be on ice on Saturday too! A skating birthday party for a school friend. And last night she was at the game with Trav. She's pretty happy with her week!

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