Only A Month In...

So I have to say, only a month into 2017 and my yoga/doula business has seen some big growth! I've received more doula emails via my website, and more emails from referrals then in all of 2016. I've already been in talks with someone about private yoga lessons (one of my goals for the year). Two weekends ago I subbed a class at my home studio, a first for me, and a real treat. And afterwards they officially asked me to take it on permanently! (So wonderful to be able to teach where I had my training.) As of mid-February I'm adding another regular all-levels mat yoga class to my schedule too!

If you're keeping track, that's about a 500% increase in unsolicited contact re: doula services, and a 3x increase in my own regular classes!!

I've also already subbed at 3 new places, outside of all the places I sub through the city, checking another goal off of my list already! And I was actually asked to take on two other classes, but had to turn them down due to scheduling.

There's still much to figure out, balance to find between doula work and yoga classes, and sometimes I worry about that... that the two different paths are too conflicting. But I'm working on it!

It suddenly feels like the hard work and hustle from 2016 is starting to really pay off! Last year, my first real year in business, was all about building a base, working on my website to draw people in, and just getting my name out. Towards the end of the year I was getting a little discouraged, but suddenly it all seems to be paying off. This year will be all about carrying on the momentum, continuing to get my name out, and hopefully gain more clients.

I can't wait to see where the rest of 2017 takes me!

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