This past Tuesday I turned 35. I actually kept accidentally almost saying 36 before correcting myself, as I've been thinking of myself as older for a few months! 35 feels good though, it feels comfortable.

I'm not going to lie, I absolutely love birthdays. Its fun to celebrate and be celebrated! This one was a great one too.

The whole breakfast didn't make the picture.... but I got to eat it in bed!

In the morning, I was able to join SaraMarie for one last monthly coffee date before she heads East to Connecticut (wahhhh)!

It was the perfect little chatfest, and happy little present exchange for my birthday and her very fond farewell.

She gifted me with one of her lovely paintings... a beautiful, little chai tea latte, to remind me of our monthly dates!

I made her some chocolate lavender loaf...

There was a lunch date with my husband for sushi, a deposit left here (details to follow...), and phone calls and texts from friends.

Plus, that night, I got what a good Philly girl needs for dinner:

I so appreciated all the birthday love, and I cannot wait to see what year 35 brings!

Bonus pictures... the killer lamp my parents had done by a artist friend for me! How amazing is this?!

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