Summer Round-Up

Back at the end of the last school year I talked about my excitement, and yes, nervousness for the summer ahead. As it turns out the summer was both better and harder then I could have imagined.

I've already written about our travels, so I won't recap all that, and we had some of our bigger events that I wrote about (concerts and Celtic Festival for example); but we also had smaller, but no less significant activities.

Over the past 2.5 months, I fell in love with matcha lattes... and learned to make amazing ones in my blender. Gwen learned a love of cooking. We discovered an amazing new park. We had playdates with a few of Gwen's friends from school. We made new friends when we got new downstairs neighbors, who we've hit it off with amazingly! She spent more time then ever before at Trav's office, amusing his coworkers and giving me the chance to go teach. We went to swim lessons and dollar movie days. I had the labor and birth of another doula client. We spent Sunday's at the Farmer's Market and nearby playground.

We spent more hours then I can count together, during the week, and as Trav worked events on some evenings. We also fought and got bored, we grew tired of each other and couldn't wait to be reunited.

I made some decisions on how things will be different next summer! 

I'm excited for the school year ahead. While summer was so full and fun and amazing, it was also disorienting. We were in so many states, and time zones, the days were such a blur of random activities that I often found it hard to even know what day of the week it was! It was hard to keep up with my routine of preparing and teaching my yoga classes, since it was hard to remember when the next one was! I'm ready for a little more schedule, and I think Gwen is too.

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