Cape Cod

Oh our home away from home!
Saturday (July 22) evening Gwen and I arrived in Cape Cod where we were greeted by not only my in-laws, but also Travis! We were quite happy to see him after over a week away. Gwen was eager to get down to the water, and did her best not to leave it for the rest of the week! 

I had other things in mind:

My brother-in-law, Andy, had found and purchased a kids kayak, which got a lot of great use. Gwen loved it and picked it up really quickly. Trav and I took turns going out in the regular kayak with her.

We had a few colder, overcast days, where we enjoyed some of Cape Cod's other activities:

But thankfully we had really,  really beautiful days as well.

Trav also bought a very special puzzle that we worked on throughout the week:

We picnic'ed down at the lake one day too:

Gwen learned some grilling techniques from her Uncle Scott (who's a chef) and Trav:

Most of the week it was us, Trav's parents, and his older brother Scott with his family, but Trav's middle brother, Andy and his family (including cousin Wyatt) came out to join us on Thursday.

Overly excited cousins meant an accident was bound to happen... and poor Gwenie ended up getting her finger slammed in a door. 🙁 She busted it up pretty bad, but she didn't let that dampen her fun! 

The cousins played together, did more kayaking together, and took turns demoing their mad Plants vs. Zombies skills. 

Trav and I enjoyed catching up with his brother and sister-in-law. 

We even had a little fire on our last night there. 

When Sunday rolled around no one was ready to leave, but it was time to go. Gwen and I had to get Trav to Boston, and it was time for Gwen and I to start our journey home. 

She was a bit grumpy about it, but one last ice cream helped... 

This is always our most relaxing vacation. We go out and do things if we want to, but we're happy to stay home and relax too. That's the best part of going to the same place every year: we're not worried about missing anything!

Our trip home is next!

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