Visitors - E and E, Take 2

After our trip, with the recovery from that and the prep for the new school year, it was nice to have a little break to look forward too. That came with the arrival of my Brother, Ethan, and my Sister-in-Law, Elise. Last Friday, the end of Gwen's first week of school, I dropped her off in the morning, then headed down to Colorado Springs. A great deal had them flying in down there instead of Denver, and it was the perfect opportunity to show them a different part of Colorado to start their visit.

We headed just outside of Colorado Springs to Pike's Peak, a 14er that you can drive straight to the top of!

An amazing view! And some pretty good donuts at the top.  😊

(Meanwhile, some friends started a group message about an upcoming wedding we're part of... so I came back to my phone like this... EEP!)

Daisy was a little happy to see her Uncle. Gwen was just as happy when we picked her up from school, though I didn't get a picture of it.

Saturday we had a special appointment to attend, at my brother's request (which I was happy to accede to!)... 

A little home state love for me, and Vonnegut for Ethan. Plus, sibling love at its finest. 😄

Sunday we wanted to show Ethan and Elise one of our favorite weekend activities, the Farmer's Market and Park! We packed a picnic, and headed over to do some shopping, sampling, and perusing. We got some great fruits, some treats, and drinks. Then headed to the park and playground to spread our blankets and relax.

It was a wonderful morning!

Ethan and Elise made me a little birthday treat that afternoon, apple cobbler!

And that night I was so excited to have them join me for my Restorative yoga class! What a treat to have them in my class!

Monday was a little busy and a little crazy, but a great last day.
Ethan and Elise joined me to drop Gwen off at school, then we headed back to the apartment so I could make some French toast from some amazing white chocolate lemon bread that I picked up at the Farmer's Market. After a walk with Daisy, it was time to head to class.

I have to say, this was the strangest yoga class I ever taught, with a break for an eclipse and some cherry cheesecake halfway through!

Odd, but very fun.
We headed straight to the airport after that, and I scrambled right from the airport to pick up Gwen, just making it in time! 

It was another full, fun visit with my baby brother and my lovely sister-in-law. I can't wait for the next one!  

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