I think that we are all artists in our own way. Our mediums might vary greatly, but we all want to birth something beautiful, taking an idea and bringing it to life. I have picked up and put down so many devises of creation throughout the years, ones that felt fun but not like mine. Ones I enjoyed, but clearly had no great skill in. The medium I've stuck with the most is word. Poetry at various points, storytelling, and for the past 15 years, blogging.

I still long to create physical things of exquisite beauty that one can touch. Paintings, pottery, or clothes; I want my creations to be displayed! Alas, I think I am "just" a writer, and a stuck one at that.

Perhaps because one of the best things I've written in any near past was about a damn breadbox, or because as I've grown in this life, I've lost and re-found a sense of voice more times then I can count; but I'm left looking at my medium with both a greater sense of pride and of disappointment. Perhaps that is the most artist-like thing about me!

I've set goals for my writing, to hopefully help things along, but in the meantime I've started gathering the means for a very handmade Christmas this year. Prepare yourself friends and family, this girl is going to create.

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