Birth and Babies

I always say that labor and birth are the ultimate introduction to the craziness that is parenthood... to how very much these little beings change our lives, and how little control we have over it! Ha! Its a lesson into surrendering into the process, and rolling with what gets thrown at us.

Without giving away my client's story, there was an induction set for Monday at midnight, then changed to Monday at 8pm, only to have it be time Saturday at midnight. The best laid plans, right?! I made some phone calls, got some classes covered, and then played the waiting game until my client was ready for me to come in.

The on call part of the doula life is the hardest part for me, and definitely the most stressful. But once I get in there, once we're working through labor, and definitely once that baby comes... well it is so damn rewarding and inspiring.

Birth is so magical, and I'm blown away every time that I get to be a part of it. Mama was absolutely phenomenal, rolling with the punches and the uncertainty, and bringing their surprise baby boy into this world with some much power and grace.

I'm ending this post by including a picture of the placenta below (shared with permission). Yes, there's blood... but guys, this is just the most amazing organ, and its beautiful.

What a lucky doula I am!

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