Recharge and Reboot

Months ago, Trav had scheduled a weekend for him and Gwen to head up into the mountains together for two days of skiing. I love that they do this. Its a great Daddy-Daughter time for them, doing something they both love, plus it came at the perfect time for this Mama to recharge. Two days, all to myself!!

I started off by sleeping in, eating a hardy breakfast and getting. shit. done.
Blog posts, yoga classes, travel planning, de-Christmasing, laundry... it doesn't sound like fun free time, but it got so much off my plate that had been sitting there, being shuffled around for ages. It felt amazing to get it taken care of, and it allowed me to relax into a night with two of my favorite people!

Seeing James's new place, drinking margs and eating guac, talking laughing and bitching. It was so fun to just be out with friends and not worry about anyone at home.

It was good timing too, since Saturday night/Sunday morning my doula client headed into the hospital! (More on that in another post.) I got all the sleep I could that night, then spend the Sunday I had reading, taking walks with Daisy, and resting.

That night my family returned, safe and sound. What would you do with two days all to yourself? 

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