Dinner Dates

I went out on a dinner date Monday night with some girlfriends of mine. It was so nice to get out with just the girls, and have a night of fun. Also nice... eating some damn amazing food!

(We may have started with a sake flight...)

This place (Sushi Den) was amazing (definitely recommend it!!). They have fresh fish flown in from Japan every day! And you can tell.

We might have ordered wayyyy too much food. Beef carpaccio, salmon sushi, shrimp tempura roll, lobster tempura roll, smoked salmon and cream cheese roll, bincho roll, Maine Lobster tempura, and bowls of Ramen!

But it was all so amazing, and worth it.

And the best part of over ordering... leftovers for the next day!!

I'm so grateful for nights out with my girlfriends. 💙

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